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Dismantling, Assembling, Recovering, Leveling, Crating, New Cushion
Installation & More.
Rails and pockets are removed to expose the
felt bedded slate.  Cloth is then carefully
removed and saved (if possible).  Slate is
unscrewed from the frame and carefully
stored. The frame may or may not be
dismantled, depending upon your type of
Frame is set in place and leveled.  Slates are
set and mounted to frame.  Each piece of
slate is leveled to each other and then the
table as a whole.  Felt is then reattached to
the bed.  Rails and pockets are then
reassembled on the bed and table is
re-checked for level.
Existing cloth is first cut off the rails and new
felt is installed under the feather strip.  Rails
are then removed and stapled from
underneath.  Bed cloth is removed, slate
seams are checked and re-grouted when
necessary.  Slate and frame are checked for
level and then new fabric is applied to the
bed of your table.  Table is reassembled and
re-checked for level with ball tests.
Minor leveling:  Shims added under legs.

Major leveling:  Table is dismantled to the
frame if necessary and then leveled from the
floor up.

I use a
Starrett Machinist's Level during
pool table assembly for assured accuracy.
New Cushions Installed
Each piece of slate is crated separately in its
own custom built frame using 1x4 lumber
nailed at each corner and secured in place
with screws at each interior cross member.  
This allows for easy dismantling of crates
when you are ready to reassemble your table
after storage or a move.
Old cushions are removed and rail facing is
cleaned of debris.  New cushions are glued
in place and allowed a minimum of 12 hours
to dry.  Ends are custom cut at each pocket
with new facings installed.  
cushions in K66, K55, U23 profiles are used.
(Artemis, Tour Edition, Pro-Am, etc can be
special ordered)
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Pool Table Services
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Room space requirements
Minimum room space requirements:

Cue length
A = 48" cue
B = 52" cue
C = 57" - 58" (standard length cue)

Seven foot table: 3.5' x 7'
(Playing area: 38" x 76")
A - 11' 3" x 14' 6"
B - 11' 11" x 15' 2"
C - 12' 11" x 16' 2"

Oversize eight foot table: 4' x 8'
(Playing area: 46" x 92")
A - 11' 10" x 15' 8"
B - 12' 6" x 16' 4"
C - 13' 6" x 17' 4"

Eight foot table: 4' x 8'
(Playing area: 44" x 88")
A - 11' 8" x 15' 4"
B - 12' 4" x 16'
C - 13' 4" x 17'

Nine foot table: 4.5' x 9'
(Playing area: 50" x 100")
A - 12' 2" x 16' 4"
B - 12' 10" x 17'
C - 13' 10" x 18'

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